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In hospital for the 2nd time in this episode of postpartum psychosis


I've been here a week again without my baby because this time he is too old 13 months for a mother and baby unit. My bipolar symptoms are under control now it's just the psychosis that won't go away. The voices are very strong and demanding and hard to resist acting upon sometimes. They are trying out a last resort medication on me now to see if that makes anything better. I hope it does as my life is hell at the moment and I can't enjoy my son properly.

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Hello Bluerainbow

Sorry to hear you are in hospital again, this time without your baby. My PP was a long time ago but I remember how strong and commanding the voices were and I was sectioned for my own safety. I hope the medication works for you, I think getting the right balance of medications is key. I had a mixture of medication and therapy at the time.

I remember how hard it was as all I wanted was to be well and go home. Eventually though I did go home and slowly recovered. I know you don't want to be in hospital but it's the best place for you at the moment. There will be lots of fun times ahead with your son ..... time to take care of yourself first.

We are all here to keep you company if it helps.

you poor thing. Hope you get better soon. It's good you are in hospital, and a being without your baby might actually help you to get some rest. I was in hospital without my baby when she was 3 weeks old because we don't have mother and baby units, it was hard and horrible but when the medication knocked me out at night, I slept.

All the best. I was without my baby too at five weeks old. All the best. Breathe, smile if you can, even if it's just a little thing you are thankful for, and get as much rest as you can. I'm sure you will get better.


Hi bluerainbow

I'm so sorry that you're struggling so much with the psychosis and voices. I hope that the medication will help. As the others said it's good you're in hospital, where they can care for you and monitor you properly. It is awful for you, but I am sure you are going to get through it and get better.

The only other thing I would suggest is if you are in the UK, the professionals supporting you could refer you to the second opinion psychiatry service in Cardiff. It isn't just for women with PP, it's for anyone with complex mood disorder, where the people supporting you would like some additional advice. Ian Jones, the psychiartist, is specialised in perinatal mental health, and also bipolar. It's particularly good for where symptoms persisted. It is free for you, and the professionals supporting you, to access. The link to it is here, perhaps you could tell the hospital?

Or info on this website:

Thinking of you X

hi blue rainbow

I'm sorry to hear you are back in hospital

I was also admitted twice once when my daughter was 3 weeks old the again when she aS 12 weeks old I missed her so much as we don t have mbu in Ireland

just remember that you will fully recover and you will come out the other side and I promise you will get to enjoy your baby soon again.take care nicky


Hello Bluerainbow

I hope you are ok and that the new medication is working so you can be home soon.

Take care.

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