Hi,4 day after derivery, too much worry about pp

Sorry everybody here i'm not good in english.

I was here about 4 or 5 months ago. Was given very useful advices, which were particulary helpful during my second pregnancy, following pp which happened in first time. Different mom's here provided me supportive ideas of what to do following bad conditions which i experienced during pregnancy. On 11 april my second son arrives safely via natural birth. Its about 4 days now. But i feel very tired, lack of energy and i have too much worries about pp for another time. But i trust God. Also let me take this chance to thank every mom in this programe for the supportive help. God bless you

Happy Easter

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  • Hi nemsong, congratulations on the birth of your baby. I hope you are able to rest and have good support around you. Try to look after yourself and not to worry too much - do you have family and professional support who can help you if you need it? The first few days are always tough and tiring after having a baby, take care and please ask for help if you feel you need it. Xx

  • Hello nemsong

    Congratulations :) Are you still in Romania? I think you had some helpful links in your other post but if you need any reminders please let us know. It's not easy but try not to worry .... some mums here didn't have PP after second pregnancies but I understand how you feel.

    I too hope you have support around you so that you will be able to rest as much as you can to build up your energy. Take really good care ..... we are all here for you. Happy Easter and God bless you too. xx

  • Thanks lilybeth

    I'm in ma home country since february. Also this time my family is aware so in case of anything they could help

    Let me try to relux. And follow supportive guidelines.

    But i wish not to suffer again with pp.

  • Hello nemsong

    It's good that your family is more aware so they will be able to help if you become unwell. My husband noticed when my second PP was emerging and I was able to receive the right medical care and fully recovered years ago.

    It's early days for you after giving birth so please rest as much as you can. Take care xx

  • Thanks a lot Lilybeth

    Let me take enough time to rest. Hope will help to recover early

  • Thanks hanna

    I have family support around me in case of anything they could help.

    I wish not to suffer again😐😐😐

  • Hello nemsong

    Thinking of you and hope you are well after the recent birth of your baby.

    Take good care of yourself and try to rest as much as you can.

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