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Hi everyone,

I've recently just been discharged from an MBU. Feeling positive and the whole PPP experience feels like a very bizarre dream. Now at home and trying to take things one step at a time and enjoy spending time with my baby. Wondered if anyone else finds it hard to relax at home as I'm seeing lots of jobs to do and finding it hard not to write countless to do lists (writing was what I kept doing when I was manic).

Does anyone have tips for focussing on one thing at a time?


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Cool, Congratulations on making it home. I too, feel like the whole hospitilization was a very bizarre dream. All you need to worry about is looking after your baby and looking after yourself, if there's anyone you could ask for a hand for a few months to do some cleaning, cooking, odd jobs, errands for you, you should ask them. I was not getting a lot done before being hospitalised, I kept starting 50 different things but never finishing them. It just spirals and I didn't sleep for 3 weeks. Medication helps to slow you down and prevent episodes of mania, the house work and jobs will always always be there. Spending time with the baby will help you recover more and more each day. It's important to lay down and rest, listen to your favourite albums, light nice candles, have a bath, get an oil burner, get 5 minutes of sunshine, eat yummy food and have lots of hugs with your baby, try to slow right down and enjoy the simple things, getting some help from a friend you trust goes a long way.

Hi Gorillamumma, I remember feeling very similar when I left th MBU. Having a way to relaxing hobby really helped me. I crochet, sew and draw. I found that in time, with he right medication dose things began to settle down for me and it get easier to relax. Well done getting this far! I hope things keep getting better for you. :)

I felt exactly the same way as you! I found going out for very short walks multiple times a day, and leaving all the housework behind helped..baby's nappy can be changed en route if needed! Even spending whole days at baby friendly shopping centres. I had people visit me regularly at home after I got sick and that kept my mind off housework. still wasn't easy though, but it got better as baby got older.

I completely agree with what angviolet has said... I wish I had of paid for a cleaner or extra help at that time as I know how it feels when you see all these jobs & lists of things that need doing!! So you can relax more with a nice cup of tea and your baby!! I took sleeping tablets before bed & my husband & family did the night feeds which was great... especially if your prone to mania this could be good for you too (but I realise not everyone is able to have help with baby during the night) but for me sleep was key!

Best of luck



Hello GorillaMuma

I hope you are still taking a step at a time as it's early days in your recovery and you need to rest. It is difficult when you come home and see changes you would like to make but it's better to wait until you are really back on your feet. You have been through a trauma so I think you have earned your 'me' time and cuddles with your baby.

Take it easy and try to relax.

Thanks for all your lovely comments and good advice. This seems like a really supportive site, happy to have found it.

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