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My 2 year anniversary

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hello everyone!

Just wanted to pop on and update everyone on my recovery journey.

Today 2 years ago I was admitted to hospital thinking I was dying just after having the most beautiful baby girl. I was devastated, I was terrified but I was also hyper, over the moon and talking non stop. Sound familiar with anyone?

Anyway, a few weeks in a psych ward without my babies, a lorry load of anti psychotics and a lot of TLC and I got to a point where I was stable, not loving life - terrified of everything actually but stable…

Since then I’ve worked on my thoughts and feelings and traumatic memories through CBT therapy and pushed myself to do all the things I was scared of - with the help of my amazing family, my home start volunteer and my friends!

I thought this week would be hard, memories flooding back and I’d be unable to process it all but actually we’ve had an amazing birthday for my little girl. This year it’s actually about her whereas last year it was about me and my ability to get through the day…

I make these wee things every year for my babies and last year my CPN practically forced me to make one for my wee girl. I remember her saying “you’ll regret not doing it” so I did.

This year, I was excited to make it, to remember all the wonderful memories that make my daughter special and funny!

TLDR; PP is only a blip in our lifetime and one day it will become a memory in a wee box that you carry about. It won’t weigh the same as it once did, it won’t be as black as it once was, maybe even the box will contain some nuggets of wisdom you can pass on? At least that’s how I feel…

happy birthday my beautiful little girl 🥰

11 Replies
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hello! What a gorgeous uplifting post. You are so right! This was my experience too, time passes, recovery is possible and you can enjoy life with your little one(s). Happy 2nd Birthday to your lovely girl. Having experienced the worst of times I think there can be new and more appreciation of the best of times. Enjoys these very special celebrations and well done with everything mumma. Xxx

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Hi taramag

Happy birthday to your beautiful little girl 🎈 ... what a lovely keepsake picture. I’m so glad you were able to celebrate what a good place you are in this year compared to last. Such a relief isn’t it to find we are ‘still standing’.

I think your post will give hope to mums who are struggling.

What an amazing Giant you are 💜

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Hello taramag,

Thank you so much for sharing this positive and hopeful post :)

Wishing your beautiful little girl a very happy birthday and sending you love today. It's so important to recognise and celebrate how far we've come.

Best wishes,

Jenny xx

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That was so lovely to read!

On my one year discharge anniversary I sent a card with a photo collage to the staff at the MBU where I had been a patient. I wanted them to see how things had progressed for us as a family and I got the ice st email back from them.

I think it’s important to celebrate all the small achievements!

I LOVE your collage for your daughter, where or how do you do it?

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Dear Taramag, thanks so much for this lovely and uplifting post. There aren’t many of these on this platform which actually makes me aware that we should share these stories too.

Your description resonates a lot with me, I was admitted to an MBU early Jan 2021 so about 6 weeks before you. And I guess I started feeling like my old self again (or I walsya call it an 2.0 upgrade of myself cause PP and becoming a mom changed me) roughly about a year after I suffered PPP. You are so right, the memories do fade and live goes on, and with help of counseling and also my own reflections I now look back at this part of my life just the way look back at others. No trauma there, just memories (good and bad).

Happy birthday to your gorgeous girl and once again thanks for sharing the happy side! Xxx

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Hello dear taramag,

What a beautiful post and so true, your experience resonates so much with me and many others on this forum as well. Happy birthday to your beautiful girl and congratulations on your milestone, what a warrior you are! Here is to life and love in your family to continue to grow every year.

Giant hugs

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absolutely lovely to read your post this morning and the picture you created is just gorgeous. What a great idea!

I am 35 years on from my experience and your quote at the end of your post is exactly how I feel. When ever I get to share or encourage or just come along side someone those are the nuggets of wisdom. To make positive use of our experience of PP is a tremendous blessing and a privilege.

Thank you for sharing such an uplifting post.

Warm wishes, Helen x

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Sending you mum, much love and kindness. I remember corresponding with you! x

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Hello Taramag

You're words were beautifully written thank you for sharing with us all. I think that's how I feel also ☺️

Happy birthday to your baby girl 💖

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hi Taramag - happy birthday to your wee girl, and happy 2 year anniversary to you, warrior mum! It’s so lovely to read your uplifting post. Your CPN sounds pretty awesome too. All best wishes, Kat x

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Hi Taramag

Thank you for sharing! I recently had my 2 year anniversary as well. It’s amazing how at one point when I came back from the hospital I thought I would never recover and feel “normal” again. However Pp like you said is just a blip in our lives; there’s so much more to look forward to. ❤️

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