Hello, I have just found this site after seeing a poster in my psychiatrist waiting room. I am recovering (maybe recovered- discharged from psychiatrist today!) from post parting depression with psychosis. I had 6 weeks in a psychiatric ward when my daughter was 9 months. I nearly lost my job (doctor), daughter, and have split up from my husband but am feeling very positive about the future. I am soon returning to work, have a gorgeous 3 year old and am looking forward to my life ahead so just want to say to anyone suffering there is light at the end of the tunnel.x

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  • hi Krodwell thats amazing to hear what you've been through and come out the other side....well done you! I would love to speak to you if you can chat on the one to one forum?

  • So glad you two have found each other! It’s amazing the power of shared experience, and seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

    Thanks so much for posting such a positive message Krodwell and all the best for your return to work - you must be so busy!

    Kat x

  • Yes of course! Send me a message!x

  • Thank you for your kind and encouraging message, Krodwell.

    Wishing you all the best for your future.


  • Hello! I would love to chat as well on a one to one if possible. I am also a doctor recovering from post partum psychosis with depression. Would love to hear a little more about your journey. I am still very much in the recovery phase!

  • Let’s chat, send me a message!

  • I know the feeling. The psychosis has gone but the depression I’m feeling is hard to shift. Krodwell, please can you share tips? I think a lot of people would like to hear them xxx

  • Counselling, a book called ‘reasons to stay alive’ by Matt haig, most of all time is healing. Be kind to yourself- find things you enjoy if you can, for me it’s music and craft. Remember you will get through it, is just an illness, others have. Hope that helps.x

  • Thanks for sharing, I think you are inspiring x

  • Not sure about inspiring but thanks!x

  • :-) peer support is great! Wishing you all well...

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