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Bi-polar symptoms?


I feel like im having symptoms but I would like to know if they are part of bipolar. Heres a list

Shaking for no reason

When I get annoyed I sit down and actually start screaming

I literally pull at my own hair

Feel like im having a nervous breakdown

feeling like im been controlled by people


sometimes I will feel like nothing can get me down

happy one minute then the next minute I will let my anger out at people

Waking up in the middle of the night and thinking that i can see something in my room

Paranoid that people are trying to hurt me or if they make my food im scared that its poisoned.

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Hello lauren23

I'm sorry you're struggling at the moment. I don't have any knowledge of bipolar but there is a supportive online e-community for everyone affected by bipolar. Contact : Telephone 0333 323 3880.

There are also mums here who have experience and advice. It's not easy for you to cope so take good care and stay safe.

Florence21Action on Postpartum Psyc

Hi Lauren

I have bipolar and some of your symptoms sound very familiar. It would be a good idea to look at the Bipolar UK website.

Where they have sections like 'I think I might have bipolar' and lots of useful leaflets to download.

The paranoid thoughts sound quite frightening and I would definitely go to see your GP and ask for a referral to a psychiatrist.

Bipolar disorder is usually very treatable and doesn't need to have a very detrimental effect on your life - I work and have two kids: you need to find what works for you and understand your own triggers, like lack of sleep or alcohol.

Bipolar UK has a great e-forum (like this but bigger) where we all support each other and there are local groups that meet regularly too.

So try not to be too scared, see your GP and describe what you've just written ( it might help to take it along and show her/him) and get some advice.

All the very best


lauren23 in reply to Florence21

Thankyou I will take a look at the website I did a online test last night for bipolar and it said I scored 42 points I will speak with the docs again and see if they can do something for me. Thankyou for your help.X


Thanks for taking the time to come back to the forum. I'm glad you had good advice from another mum with experience of bipolar. It might be an idea to gather all the info and take it to your care team, as sometimes I would forget what I wanted to say in front of them.

Please get help as soon as you can. Stay safe and take care.

i really feel for u i would ask u to ring your mental health crisis team before things get worst if u go on nhs choice on line they will have num for your area i rung them and were a grt help

Hi Lauren,

These are also symptoms of emotional deregulation. Ask for a referral to your local mental Heath team and they should be able to give you a full assessment.

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