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Action on Postpartum Psychosis
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Vintage Street Party Family Fun Day

Hi Everyone,

There's an APP fundraising family fun day being held 28th June in Derby, UK. It's a really great opportunity for lots of PP mums & families to meet face to face & we'd love it if you could come! If you are well enough & fancy a great day out & can get to Derby, DE65 5GA, please email mia@app-network.org for tickets. (£10 for adults, children free).

We're really looking forward to it, see you there! :-) x

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That sounds great. I have friends that live near Derby so will try to come if i can stay with them x


It'll be great if you can come! If you need tickets there are still some available if you email mia@app-network.org

Hopefully we'll get the chance to meet you there :-) x



Hope the Vintage street party goes well, I wish we we're nearer so we could come. Devon now a distant memory. Hope all well with you & APP.

Best wishes



Aw Charlotte, it would've been lovely to have a catch-up & reminisce about the fab art workshop! Hopefully there'll be one in your area soon where we + other PP mums can all meet up. Take care loads x


Ah Charlotte hope you're holding on to some stuff from the art workshop. I know what you mean though that its a bit of a distant memory... I still haven't done any additional art yet! Hope you're well X


Shame we won't see you Charlotte but keep remembering that magic weekend that we had, it was so special.......X


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