Feedback requested about APP's peer support!

Hi All

We'd be really grateful if you could fill out this 5 minute online questionnaire about APP's peer support. It is essential for us to get feedback in order to improve the peer support service, but also prove what we do in order to continue to receive funding.

The link is here:

Huge thanks everyone!

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  • Done!

  • Thanks so much that’s great, it’s good to know the link works too!

  • Done! x

  • Thank you so much, getting feedback is so valuable!

  • yep, it works just fine...The questionnaire is appropriate and easy accessible with regards to content and lay out...excellent and professional :-)

  • Thanks :) simple and easy to fill out is what we were after :)

  • Done! A big thank you Ellie for all your dedicated hard work and support on App. X

  • Thanks Beckles, that's brilliant X

  • Done x

  • Thanks so much!

  • I want to say a huge thanks to everyone who has filled out the questionnaire so far. It is very moving to read the overwhelmingly positive responses and comments... thanks so much everyone. If you haven't filled it out yet please do, as many responses as possible is so helpful X

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