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Update - run in the lakes

Hi all, just to update you on my running. I had an over night stay in the lakes and had a lovely 6k run 🏃🏽‍♀️ up some very snowy paths. It was great and felt very refreshing. I have now raised £270 of my £500 target and still have just over a week to raise more funds. Please share my Just Giving page to help me raise more funds for APP. Many thanks x Beth

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I live in the south lakes and I like running. Let me know when you are next here if you’d like to meet for a coffee.

I’m signing up for the Keswick to barrow in May. 43 miles 😱

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Aww that would be lovely 😊- the coffee that is - not the 43 miles!! Lol 😂 I’m seriously not that fit. X

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Yes let me know when you are next here. Coniston is best or can come to Windermere area x

...I am truly proud of you,-super mum!!!

I love your selfie with the snowy scenery...keep going!


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Thank you so much £330 raised as of this evening. Hope they can put the money to good use. It’s also been very good for my physical and mental health so win win. What to do in February?? 🤔 x Beth

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You are really inspiring Beth! Good luck for next week, I will be thinking of you x

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Aww thank you so much Helen. I know in the grand scheme of things it’s not a lot of money but I have not done anything like this before and it is quite hard trying to convince everyone to part with their cash. Let alone convincing them to support a charity they have never heard of or an illness they don’t understand. I’m also not the fittest but have been running a minimum of 2 miles a day which has done wonders for my physical and mental health. When things get too much I get out x x

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You are very welcome, it’s brilliant what you are doing. Great that you have discovered running and it helps you, personally I find running quite difficult so impressed! I hope you can keep it up. Xx

Hi Beth,

you said what to do next...in February...

...tune into your body, ...I am not sure whether your newly found running experience could be incooperated into a long term routine, but maybe more moderated...

Of course after the exhibition I continued painting as it has been therapeutic as always, thus, I can reassure you that physical exercise is also a great contributor to your mental health. I like to walk or cycle and "inhale" the beautiful nature of Somerset.

I believe I prepared for my exhibition for several months and even during exhibition I was continuously out of my comfort zone, but simultaneously very happy to have found a way of communicating to the audience about my PPP experience subsequently informing about APP and awareness raising. Afterwards I travelled with my family to see my mum abroad.

I was pretty run down and needed some time to recover...body, mind and soul are very much connected with each other...Allow yourself some time to digest... :-)

I am glad I did it though...I am so happy that you have found strengths and bravery...

Look after yourself x

How are you, Beth? Are you still running at the end of the month?

I have been thinking of you,

look after yourself,


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Hi 👋 yes I’m still running and only have £40 left to raise to hit my target of £500. Things have gone well. X

Gosh, so happy for you and all your marvellous efforts in supporting APP.

You can be so proud of your achievements.

Bye for now...

Take it a bit more steady once you've fulfilled your goal... :-)

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