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Interview with Colby & Amanda Taylor on Their Postpartum Psychosis Experience


This month I am sharing an interview with Colby and Amanda Taylor on their Postpartum Psychosis experience. This couple is sharing their experience publicly in order to help others. If you are interested in reading the interview, here is the link:

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I just watched it on sunday. I thought it was very helpful! They seem like a great couple

Like Colby and Amanda Taylor, I and my husband went through an episode of PP and recovered. Unlike them, we did not pray. When suffering psychosis I was never under the impression that I was receiving instructions from God. This is probably because neither of us believe in God.

As my confused thoughts were not endorsed by a spurious higher authority it was perhaps easier to recognize them as a malfunction of my own brain.

While their faith is obviously important to this couple, it is not necessary to surviving mental illness and may even compound it. Colby's advice to "Pray on your knees every day and seek Christ with all of your heart!" is not a universally helpful recommendation.

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