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Postpartum Psychosis Experience

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I had an acute episode of PP a few months ago and it was truly frightening. I haven't had an episode since but I live in fear of it happening again. Anyone here experience more than one psychotic episode? I will add that I am currently taking Zyprexa for it, as well as Remeron and Zoloft for my underlying depression.

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Hi Chloe

Psychotic episodes are awful to experience but I only experienced one with no relapse. Do you still have a councillor/care coordinator? Could you share your worries with them?

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ChloeM83 in reply to Rkmummy

Yes I do have a great therapist. Thank you so much, I will definitely share this with them.

Hi Chloe,

Though I have not had more than one PP I just want to encourage you that it is totally natural to feel afraid of it happening again.

It’s something that I know I have in the “back burner” of my mind...what works for me is that I ensure I remain on my medication and engage with support services. I Know my trigger points so that I can identify if i am beginning to feeling unwell... things will get better and get easier for you it’s just a matter of changing your mind set. AND YOU CAN DO IT! :-)

I know it’s easier said than done but try not to think too much about the experience. Your life is so much greater than “that” time.

Enjoy your time with baby and loved ones. Try out new hobbies and the weather is lovely at the moment , go out for walks and get some fresh air.

Be strong, we are here for you

Love always

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ChloeM83 in reply to Elcee84

Thank you very much.

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Hello Chloe, pleased to meet you Chloe.

I can not trace back from my research that PPP relapse occurs, if meds have been administered successfully and supervised accordingly by health professionals.

I was poorly in 2010 and my partner, who was my full time carer was tracking my process whilst I had to take traditional anti psychotics during and/after I was discharged from a mixed gender psychiatric unit.

Please, do not worry about any relapse. In my opinion it is important to communicate and express your emotions. I have had the support of a wonderful Psychiatrist, who helped me to wean off Lorazepam and Risperidone and other drugs. A support system via family and my care coordinator helped with my recovery.

Wishing you well and enjoy your baby and family...


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ChloeM83 in reply to Pikorua

Thank you very much.

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PikoruaVolunteer in reply to ChloeM83

Hello again Chloe,

You are welcome, you will find this social site very useful, informative and full of big hearts.

I felt so isolated in the first 5 yrs. and thought it was just me in my own shell. My anxiety reduced, because I experienced compassion, love and support from some wonderful ladies here.

Sharing compassion is so important for recovering well. A lot of ladies on this forum helped me to improve at the end of 2015/16, and I always will be so grateful for that. Life quality will be at full capacity again as it was in my case!


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ChloeM83 in reply to Pikorua

Yes I have already found this site incredibly helpful. Thank you so much for your help and support.

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Hi ChloeM83 and welcome to the forum. You’ve had some great shared experiences and reassurance here. I had pp after my eldest child was born in 2009 and had never been unwell mentally before so it was a big shock to all concerned. I can really relate to your fear of becoming unwell again and would also say that it is completely understandable after such an awful and traumatic illness. I’ve not been unwell again since and feel very fortunate to be able to say that - and also perhaps have a greater awareness now of how mental illness, especially pp, really can happen to anyone.

I wanted to share this link with you from the APP website FAQs, especially the bits about “Will I get pp again after a future pregnancy” and “Am I likely to have an episode of psychiatric illness at other times”.

I am fortunate to have remained well after my youngest was born too although not everyone chooses to have further children. I hope that you have been able to talk your fears through with others around you and that you continue to get good support with your continued recovery. We are all here to “chat” to as well and share experiences. You sound to have come a long way already and all the very best for your continued journey. Take care, xx

Thank you so much for the advice, I really appreciate it.

Hello, ChloeM83,

I totally can understand and relate to your fears. I had severe PPP in 2014. It was terrifying. But I fully recovered within 6-7 months and never had an episode again. NOW I know that Post partum disorders are highly treatable. Also, the psychosis only has a chance of returning if you get pregnant, and even then it is highly treatable/preventatble if you put the right resources in place.

Psychosis is absolutely frightening, it’s true. But now I know that it is truly temporary, and if you know about it, it is very treatable. I totally understand the fear, I lived with it myself. But the prognosis is very good, and there is every hope for a normal life after PPP. I hope this can help to put your mind at ease. Learning more about the disease helped me a lot. Wishing you the best,


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ChloeM83 in reply to Karysma7

Thank you so much, that helps a lot.

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