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Ombudsman's decision and report! Some of you may be interested in this :)


So 3 weeks ago, the Ombudsman published the report on what happened to me. You can read a summary here:

and the full thing here:

It was worth the pain of putting it together last year and the excruciatingly long wait.

Thanks again everybody for all your kind words and support

Anne x

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Hi Anne,

Wow. It was so wonderful to read your post and to know finally you have some justice, I know from your posts of course that it's been a long and difficult time for you. Anyway I hope that it somehow helps you to move on.

How are you? I hope you are well and also that you're getting good access to your daughter? I hope that this report will help you with that too.

Take care. X


Hi anneMR33,

Thank you for coming back & letting us know the outcome, what a great result! Yes, it was such a long wait for you, but I'm so pleased you've had a personal formal apology & that they're developing strategies to make improvements. I hope you feel some peace now & can put it behind you & move on. I think you've made things better in your area for PP women to come, very well done!


Hi Anne, just catching up on the forum and read your very interesting ombudsman report. It seems to have been a very thorough and objective inquiry (at last!) Sorry you had such a terrible time with MH services, hopefully the lessons and recommendations will help prevent that happening to others. I really hope its brought you some sort of closure on the frustrations and helped you continue to move forward in your recovery.

Best wishes,

Tracey x

Thanks everyone for your kind words. I'd love to say it's brought some closure but in a weird way it has brought problems of its own. I a

I am struggling to find representation for medical negligence and there seems to be lot of ignorance/prejudice about mental health in that area of legal practice. Not giving up, the objective and positive outcome of the Ombudsman has helped, but it's not the end of the journey yet. I'll say strong, thanks again everyone for your support, A x

Hi Anne, I know this was a long time ago but I just read all of your posts and really feel for you. I hope that you are able to see your daughter enough these days. I live in the US and was misdiagnosed, given the wrong meds, attempted suicide twice. I am now in recovery and doing ect treatment. My husband and I have a horrible relationship and I worry, given my post partum psychosis, what would happen to custody if we seperated. Anyway, best of luck to you, you are a strong determined woman and I admire you.

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