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I may loose my daughter because of an episode of psychosis and an unsupportive partner

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Hello I suffered with psychosis 5 months ago and it lasted about one month. Since then (two days after I was admired to hospital) my partner has taken our daughter out of the country to his home country and has opened a case against me to try and gain custody of our daughter. Even though my physiatrist has said I’m well enough to take care of her he refuses to bring her back to me. I just wanted to know if anyone has been through anything similar with an unsupportive partner. He’s turned out to be a real monster and since he took her I’ve been made to feel I’ve done something wrong. Here for support and to hear other women’s stories. Although my daughter was 16 months when this happened I was still very sleep deprived as I was breastfeeding still and unsupported as a mother.

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Hello Abigale1

Welcome to the forum where you will find lots of support. I'm so sorry to hear you have been separated from your daughter and this happened 16 months ago. Do you think all the stress of the situation triggered the psychosis 5 months ago? Psychosis is a very frightening experience which many of the mums here, myself included, suffered when Postpartum Psychosis hit in the first few days to weeks after giving birth.

I'm sorry I don't have anything to offer about being in an awful similar situation which you describe. It does sound very unfair and by now you have probably had legal advice. The Citizen Advice Bureau have a page "Your ex-partner is taking your children without consent" with links to organisations for support at citizensadvice.org.uk/ which might be helpful, although you may have accessed these already.,

Take care.

Omg. What country is he taking her too. Each country has a slightly different legal system. Presumably you have contacted specialist lawyers. Try the law society.

How old is your daughter the very young age of your daughter also play a part as far as I know that I cannot be removed from a mother unless she is demonstrated to be an unfit parent.

Perhaps you speak to the team looking after you maybe they could support you at this time.

Gosh I really do feel sorry for you

It depends on the area you live in. Some areas will let you have a free session with a solicitor through citizens advice but another consultation will probably be double. Have you any help from family who can support you through this time. As post partum depression has a switch off time of 2 years then you should surely have your rights as a parent given to you. Have heard of people who have to have their grandparents and father present when visiting the child and the father was in cahoots with the social worker who was employed to help the mother. She was not able to bond with the child and her rights were taken away from her.

This is a hard time for a young mother who has had no help with sleep deprivation. All the breast feeding and changes to the mothers mental health change when oestrogen levels go down after a day of birth. I do hope you find some help through the link given. So pleased you are stronger now. You have bonded with your baby so it is cruelty to take the baby away from you.

There is a free online service for obtaining a court injunction from your partner taking your child abroad. You have been harassed and threatened by your ex partner and you might find the right advice from compactlaw.co.uk . The danger is that as you are not married your partner may suddenly go off so it is important to know if you can inform the police that you are being harassed and give them the name of your partner, They may be able to refer you to a duty solicitor.

Dear Abigaile1

I'm so sorry to hear about your situation, that sounds horrific. I really hope that you're able to get all the support, legal help, whatever it is you need, to get your daughter back.

Unfortunately I don't have any personal experience of your situation, though have supported people who have had custody issues etc.

I did just want to signpost you to some places who may be able to support you, give you information etc.

Firstly, there is Mind's legal help line and Citizens Advice which are maybe good places to go to initially:

Mind legal helpline: mind.org.uk/information-sup...

Citizens Advice: citizensadvice.org.uk

I'm not sure where you are in the country, but just in case you are in Surrey, there's a charity that offer free legal information– surreylawcentre.org

Here's a link with some general information too:


This is the organisation where you can access probono (no fees) legal support:


And you may find this helpful to look at, it's an organisation that advise women about their legal rights. You may find it helpful to contact them, or even look at women's organisations / domestic abuse in your area who may be able to support you


I hope I haven't overloaded you with too much information and links and hope that some of them may be helpful.

Thinking of you,


That's competely wrong. Keep strong you will find a way to sort this. This makes me very angry to be honest. Get legal advice find out what laws he is breaking by doing this. Inform police. Get them to liaise with the other countries police. Stay strong for your child.

Stay strong and look after urself. That the most important. Then you can fight for your daughter. Of course you can look after her. Do you have family support. Make a good case for yourself by staying well showing you have support . I know it must be very difficult . But you have to fight. Things always hard in life then get better. Are you gettjng legal advise

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How are you Abigale1? Thinking of you.

Sending you strengths and energy.

Take good care,


Did Get the baby back?

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