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Invite to book launch - 3rd Oct - 6.30pm

Dear fellow PPP survivors and supporters.

I will be celebrating the UK launch of my book about my experiences of PPP 'Day Six when motherhood and madness collide.'

I'd be delighted if any of you wanted to come along.

Here is more about the book

(Not sure if links work on here!)

When is it? 3rd October 6.30pm

Where is it? Stoke Newington Bookshop, London, N16.

How do I get there? The nearest train station: Stoke Newington. Nearest bus: millions. Nearest tube: forgetaboudit.

What do I do now? RSVP by personal message by 14th Sept.

If you want to keep updated about the book you can like my author page on facebook. (Search Jen Wight - Author)



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Your link works fine. I'd love to come but I live a long way from London.

Your blurb is very good -I want to read it. Not sure I could get it past my other half though - think I need a kindle!

Thank you for getting PP out there!


Thanks Sarah! I have paper back available as well. £9 + P&P.


Is it possible to get a paperback? X


Hi Sally, yes! It is £9 + P&P.


Can't recommend this book enough!! The author puts into words, what all of us express on this forum, but so much more eloquently in a way that is soothing to those of us who have been there, and helpful to share with those who will never really be able to understand what it was like to be stuck inside the illness.

Please go along, please buy a copy, please read it, and let's share it together....

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Thanks deb


Hi Jen am I too late to rsvp? I'd love to come!

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Wish I could make it, hope it goes really well! Xx


Sorry to have missed this, would have loved to come! Well done for writing down your experiences & sharing.

Where can I buy a paperback please?


Jessie X


Hello jessieh

I think hackneygirl gives details of how to obtain a paperback copy via Amazon in her earlier post. There is a link too.

Hope you are well. Just thought I'd let you know in case there's a delay in hackneygirl replying.

Take care.

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Well done!!! I am going to down load this one onto my kindle. Good luck with everything. Best wishes, Sabine


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