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PPP on the radio

Here is the link to yesterday afternoon's Radio 5 Live show, where we had a good 20 minutes to discuss in depth the agony of PP, and the work of charities like APP. I hope I did you justice! Would love any feedback you have, as I have another interview (Radio Scotland) tomorrow...

Big shout out to the EastEnders actor James Bye, Jenni Regan from Mind's media team, and the amazing Eve Canavan.

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Thanks for link. Piece is from 39mins x


Thanks Veronica yes I forgot the crucial bit - 39 mins in. There's around 4 or 5 mins of James, then some of me, then some of Eve, with Jenni adding in some professional notes. Thanks x


Came across really well. I particularly liked: the way partners were tackled (being one myself); how open you were about the symptoms you suffered (which makes it clear how PP is different from baby blues); and the emphasis that sufferers need specialised hospital treatment (which can make some partners feel like they've failed).

Was there a reference to ? Useful to people concerned about the issue or maybe going through it.

Well done!



Thanks Andy - I kept mentioning APP but didn't spell out the web address - hope people will be able to find it!


Hi Kathryn,

You and Eve were fantastic and got the important messages across. Great that you explained PP is not Postnatal depression, I find most people think it is Postnatal depression.

You explained the early warning signs well and the difficulty in achieving a smooth pathway to care. To get the right specialist care everyone needs to know about and understand PP to be able to pick it up. That came across well. You also explained well the importance of getting help quickly and that it can be dangerous and potentially life threatening if not picked up. It was also fantastic that you mentioned the importance of MBU's.

Also you gave a great message of hope that this is treatable when picked up. Also it's great to see that you are well and have recovered well. I think all these things are important for everyone to know. Thankfully more and more people will be aware of PP now and hope all pregnant women and partners are told about it during pregnancy.

It was fantastic that you mentioned APP, you must be limited in what you can say. It would be fantastic if you get the chance to mention what APP is and that they are a charity for Postpartum Psychosis (the only charity for PP). When I had PP a long time ago there was no information, research, guides, peer support available and since having so much support from APP and meeting others like yourself who have been through PP, APP have been an amazing help. APP have made such massive steps as you know in supporting women and families as well as providing much needed information. If you have the opportunity it would be amazing if you can explain this. I understand it is difficult to explain that in a brief interview but so important people know about APP to have the right help and support.

Well done, your radio 5 interview was fantastic and you have helped a lot of people. You and Eve are doing an amazing job of raising awareness and promoting understanding.

Take care,

Sarah xx


Thanks Sarah, that's great - I will do my best!

I think it was actually Clare Dolman who did the BBC Scotland interview today. I will try to find it on iplayer and post the link. I recorded an interview for Radio 4's PM programme, which might be aired on Monday afternoon.

Thanks again!



Thanks Kathryn, very busy time for you! Well done with all your hard work xx


Claire on Radio Scotland:


Hi Kathryn, thanks for posting these links and for all the great promotion and awareness raising you're doing connected to EastEnders. It was very moving and difficult to watch tonight, and hopefully by being that way it will help people realise what women and partners actually go through. Well done for mentioning APP - this is such a fantastic opportunity to raise awareness of the information and support that's available for the charity.

Best wishes

Tracey x


I spent hours searching for some website or forum relating to PP, and for some reason this forum never came up. Only discovered it yesterday - more awareness needs to be made or information with gps/mental health teams. There seems so much support groups for carers (not specifically for carers of pp sufferers) but not the people going through it.


Thanks for the links, will have to have a listen to both.

I'm so glad that you've found this group lucinda123, and hope that it is helping you to chat things through with others.

Take care, xx


I've just listened to your Radio5 clip, really good, and evocative accounts of your experiences. I was glad in a way that, in contrast to Stacey's story on Eastenders, neither of you reported a religious dimension to your delusions when suffering from PP. With this condition the brain can catch on to and pervert reality in respect of so many other aspects of fears or ideas.

I'm waiting for the next episode of Eastenders. I really hope that her path to a MBU is not a smooth one, and that her mum's fears that she will not be promptly put in a place of safety with her baby prove justified. Not because I want to see Stacey suffer. But because it would go further to ram home the message that Mother and Baby units are few and far between, and diagnosis and referral often far from prompt. Perhaps she too will be advised to go home and bake a cake... The real stories Eve and Kathryn told are even more appalling than the fiction.