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Can you help? If you've experienced perinatal mental healthcare as an inpatient or in the community, please would you complete this survey?

Hi all,

APP is helping researchers working on a study into ‘the Effectiveness and Cost-effectiveness of Perinatal Mental Health Services’ (ESMI) with a short questionnaire they’re piloting.

They need women who've had experience of any type of perinatal mental health service - MBU, psychiatric ward or in the community - to complete the survey and give feedback to help fine-tune it before it is used in an upcoming nationwide trial investigating such services. Taking part will help develop an important tool that will be used to improve the care women receive in the future.

The charity’s Chair, Prof. Ian Jones, is involved in the study and has given approval to ask women on this forum if they can assist by clicking on the link below and completing the questionnaire.

Can you help? It should only take 10 minutes and all results are anonymous.

If you are happy to complete an additional survey after 5-10 days’ time, please enter your phone number at the end of the survey. After completing both surveys, you will be entered into a prize draw for a £100 Love to Shop voucher as a thank you.

Please read the Patient information sheet here:

Once you have read the patient information sheet, click here to complete the survey:

Many thanks for your help!

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Hi Andrea, As my care was in the mid-70's / early 80's I'm not sure my replies would be relevant now? Please let me know if you think I can help.

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Hi Lilybeth, as this is a pilot I think it would be fine for you to give your views (when they use the edited version it will be with women with more recent experience).

Many thanks for helping!


Hello Florence 21, I've just completed the questionnaire. Thanks for your advice.

Best wishes.



Hi Andrea,

I have a feeling I have answered a questionnaire like this (I distinctly remember entering my phone number and taking part in a phone survey a week or so later). Would you happen to know if this same survey has been distributed in any other way (Twitter, Facebook or via email)? Sorry, my memory is a bit vague!

Natasha x


I've just completed this but yes, I think I've completed it before too! (I think it was via Twitter) I hope that doesn't matter!


I will definitely take a look! Done quite a few of these now. Great so much research is starting up in this area.. :)


There's just one week left to collect as many responses as possible from this survey! If you haven't completed it yet, please do so in the next few days if possible. Thank you very much to all those who've already taken part & shared their thoughts & experiences.


Completed today! Really quick and easy x


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