Does anyone else feel the NHS Birth to Five book needs ref to PP updating?

I think one of the most appropriate places that awareness of PP needs to be made is in the NHS Birth to Five book, however, the current paragraph is insufficient (doesn't list symptoms or when onset likely) and implies you can gloss over if you/your family don't have a history of mental illness. Does anyone else feel this should be updated? Also does anyone know who I should petition to get updated? Thanks.

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  • Hi Talk2LMH, yes we agree that it really needed updating & we looked at this a while ago. I don't think hard copies are actually given out any more though due to cutbacks etc. I might be wrong but I think they're only available online now. If anyone knows any different, please comment here.

    The online info seems to be here now: The PP information is on the Postnatal Depression pages at the moment which is confusing & it's really sparse so I've contacted them to hopefully get this updated - fingers crossed we'll get a response!!

  • Great, thanks Andrea, really appreciate you contacting them to get the online information updated. I heard at a recent MSLC meeting that they're only giving books out whilst stock lasts and they now expect people to refer to the online info.

  • I didn't even get this book 4 years ago... Midwife in my area notorious for being badly organised, bless her. But I think an update sounds overdue, even if it's just to update with some more detail, the "out of the blue" cases (like I was), and to ensure that any links and signposting are up to date. Guess that a lot of things are online now. Good question though, and let's hope Andrea gets a response!

  • Yes, fingers X'd Andrea does get a response. When I was sectioned I referred to that page alot and felt my symptoms more closely matched Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome because so little info was given about PP.

  • Hi, this seems to be an important omission. As a governor of the leading Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation trust which deals with mental health issues, and working in the field of recovery from PPP myself, I represent outside London, England and Wales, and I will bring this to my next meeting. Thank you for flagging this up. Lauraine Leigh

  • Thank you! Really appreciate you taking this forward :-)

  • Hi Talk2LMH

    Yes I thoroughly agree that the Birth to Five info on PP is too sparse and misleading that you only need to worry if you or first generation family members have had previous mental health problems. In fact, 50% of all cases of PP happen to women who have no prior history of mental health problems, so at APP we believe it's really important that all women and partners are educated about the possibility of this illness. Early recognition and early treatment is deserved by all women who go on to have an episode of PP. Thanks for flagging this up, and Andrea we look forward to hearing how you get on with pressing for more accurate and detailed online information... It would be great if we could have a link directly to the APP site from there?


  • Thanks Naomi, would be fantastic if could have a link directly to the APP site too :-)

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