Did anyone else feel detached from the baby during pregnancy - More like ante-natal psychosis?

I'm now pregnant with my second child, after having a torrid time 7 years ago with my daughter... and looking back, i think a lot of my issues started during the pregnancy.

I was already suffering with anorexia and couldn't shake the thought that the baby was just making me fat, and the resentment towards my family as I thought they all just saw me as "the mother". I really don't remember a lot about being pregnant before, and having spoken to my family they said it was as though I just wasn't there. I wasn't interested in shopping for baby bits, or seeing others babies... I just shut down all thoughts and went through the bare minimum of the motions.

This time around, things are totally different so far, I've already started picking out nursery furniture and keep wandering around the baby sections of the clothes shops... :-D

I just wondered whether there are any other ladies here who experienced anything similar to me...

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  • Hi Kay

    How are you doing? You must be a good few more weeks along now :-)

    I know from Vix28's blog that she definitely experienced a lot of similar symptoms during her pregnancy. I will pop back and post you the link.

    I was very fortunate that both pregnancies for me were perhaps almost the most 'well' I have ever felt. Perhaps, on reflections, a little bit too energetic and spiritual-feeling and earth-mothery. But it's so hard with retrospect to look back and know if that's how you would have been anyway! I still watch One Born Every Minute nearly every week and remember my pregnancies with fondness, despite everything that was so tricky afterwards.

    Hope you're enjoying the pregnancy shopping xx


  • Here's the blog I mentioned (part 1)


  • Hi Naomi,

    Thank you for the comments, I'm almost 12 weeks now, and getting excited about the scan next week!

    I'm going to take a look at Vix's blog right now! :-)



  • Hi Kay

    Just popping in to see how the scan went, and how you're doing?

    Have you met with your perinatal mental health service yet or are they waiting until later on in your pregnancy? I'd be really interested to hear how you are finding the support and what kind of options they are giving you.

    Hope to chat again soon


  • Hi Kay

    Glad you were able to have a look at Vix28's blog. Hope it helped you to know you are definitely not alone in how you felt 7 years ago.

    Look forward to hearing from you whenever you need. Good luck for the 12 week scan and keep taking good care of yourself.


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