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good morning everyone, ive gone and got myself into a twilight situation where im awake all night and sleeping most of the day, ive been up for an hour and know i wont sleep til 7am tomorrow morning. i have decided that i am not doing any freaking housework today and my routine can go to hell. it wont be easy as im thinking about it needing doing but sod it. dont know if im getting a split personality due to isolation or just going bonkers either way the cats will have to tidy up their own toys today and if im feeling rebelious maybe tomorrow as well. yeah i say that now but in half an hour ill be hoovering lol. the upside of a twilight life is nobody comes to the door or phones me at night so thats all good. i feel more relaxed because of this plus i worked night shifts for yonks so my body is used to it, well apart from my bowels lol it realy messes with your diet. hope everyone has a positive day xxx

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well that lasted till the kittens chased each other through the biscuits. im a scab and am about to cross my own picket line and do the hoovering ttfn. cant beleive i just wrote that lol xxx


You no cookie I to seem to want to sleep all day , yet awake at night

When you describe your house , cats , easal , hair & so on , your life reads like a novel 2 me lol

Good job you have a sense of humour





lol and after my colonoscopy it was gone with the wind. xxx


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