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Sertraline Withdrawal??

I've been on Sertraline for about 2 years but have decided to try for a baby and therefore been recommended to come off them. I reduced my dose as stated and then took every other day and now am not taking any...only problem is i feel awful :-(

I was taking them for anxiety and although that hasn't become any worse, i am struggling with some kind of depression. I can't stop crying and feel completely hopeless. The dizzy spells are horrendous and i'm just not functioning at the moment. It all feels so pointless as when i was on them i felt pretty much fine. Just wondering if anyone had any advice on how long the withdrawal will take???

Thanks xx

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I remember when I was coming off mine the last time I was on them and I was also stopping counseling.. I didn't experience the exact feelings you are but some were similar, I dont remember it taking that long to get back to "normal"!.. But I put the feelings down to maybe sub consciously being worried about being "on my own" rather than "on the tabs to make me feel better" although you don't need them anymore maybe deep down your that little bit worried.. (which may be making you feel emotional) which is normal I guess.. so keep positive.. but this may mean nothing to you.. so i hope you find your answer somewhere!



Hello hun, only a few wks bck after bein on sertreline for 6wks had 2 b taken off them bcause my anxiety went through the roof also cased me 2 extremly suicidal, hav never flt so bad its a wonder i didnt try 2 do any thing dangerous, so wen my GP finaly stopped them the suicidal thoughts lifted but i got wiwhdrawel syptoms, sweating, shakin, upset tummy, nausea + headaches these finaly went after about 2wks. u hav 2 b weened of ssri's slowly, the slower the better. u dnt sound like ur describing thiis type of withdrawel. maybe ur original depression is returning or its an effect of the sertreline. i only know how depressed + suicidal i felt also i hav never cryed like that in my life + thats the honest truth. plse go bck + c ur GP, u may need 2 b weened off more slowy or like i said maybe ur original depression. how long ago did u stop the sertreline as that can b a good indication 2 if the sertreline or not. hope u sort it out so u can try 4 a baby but plse go streight bck 2 GP. if u hav only bin of sertreline 4 a very short time might b them if its bin longer than a few weeks cld b the depression but at the end of the day u need 2 get medical advice + especialy if ur tryin 4 a baby kindest regards Leeanne.x


I would say monitor yourself and see how you feel but be honest with yourself if it feels too bad you may have been brought off meds too quickly. I was on paroxetine and came off gradually but it wasnt gradual enough and it was awful I ended up going on sertraline. I would definatly speak to the dr.


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