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So whilst im going through my current anxiety episode my Dad decided to drop a bombshell on me by telling me I started having panic attacks from the age of 5!!!!

Apparently it would be during the night, i would come into the living room running around the table in a state of panic. Nothing my dad could do would stop me and eventually i would just stop and go back to bed.

There was me thinking it started at 16 when i had my first panic attack.

Looking back now i remember as a child always worried about being safe etc.

Now im in shock like its always been built into me and theres now no hope for an anxiety free future :-(

Anyone else suffer from a young and and eventually rid themselves of it?

Im now 23 so still class myself as young but a very confusing time for me now.

Aries4eva -x-

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I've had anxiety since I was young I would worry about silly little things and wouldn't stay anywhere apart from my house. At a young age I would be sick or feel unwell even at the thought of it. I'm nearly 19 and still have it. But I can say that for almost 4 years my anxiety was gone the odd set back but nothing major. At the moment I am struggling with it again. But I believe that I can settle it back down again. I can't say that if its in built but I can say that you can learn to live with it. And it does get better that's keeping me going I have felt anxiety free and its so so so good.

You have to keep trying and pushing your self not to the extremes but step by step. We are both young need to live life to the full as people keep saying to me these days. We just have to learn that this is the way we are and have to not let it take over you have to keep going.

Trust me things will get better you have to keep trying and don't avoid things it will make it worse. Hope this helped a little. Chin up aries4eva.

Keep positive ( I know easier said than done)

Nic567 x


Hi. aries. When I was young (some time ago now!) I had a panic attack in the school hall during assembly. I was 7. I can still remember it. No one could tell me what it was and it frightened the life out of me (well, not quite). My home life was not good as my parents were always having rows and this disturbed me very much. It was many years after that I became nervous and it took some time for me to recover, many years in fact. You have just read a very thoughtful blog from Nic. She is having a 'setback' but she knows how to manage it; how to come out of it. It is very rare for the young to understand as it has taken many years for me, an 'oldy' to do so, but you both are managing and doing well and. Don't be confused, aries, although it is a very confusing complaint. You WILL win through; others have and you will but you have to persevere. This takes courage, which you have, so stick at it, you will win. Love. jonathan


Hi aires I am 40 now and yes my anxiety started when I was young. You can manage your position/condition just be patient and please do not be hard on yourself. It will be easier if you don't make a rod for your own back. My parents were awful to each other but were much worse to us kids. But if you can work to make yourself safe then it will really help you. You can rid yourself of it I promise.


Thank you all for your kind words and support, it means alot.

I just hate the fact that all these years i thought it started from my first panic attack at 16 the to find out that it started at 5 is a dreadful feeling -x-


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