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Angry with myself and frustrated!

Team a bad cold with a couple of late nights at work and I'm just not having the best day. On the positive side I met my deadline and the client seems happy but I just feel quite emotional and up and down today. I talked in a previous post about acceptance and accepting everyone gets stressed in their jobs from time to time and it's ok, but it's days like today when I get frustrated and think why should I accept feeling like this? Why can't I just live my life without worrying about things all the time, especially when most of the time its about 'what ifs' and something that will probably never even happen. Sometimes I just get mad with myself!

Thanks for reading my rant!

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A bad mixture of bad things eh. Not surprising you feel frustrated at all. Anyone would feel the same. You met the deadline. Well done! These are the things I hate too! Rant away mate, we hear you xxxxxxxx


Oh you poor thing. I can sympathise I've got the cold as well and it's particularly rough. I don't know about you, but I find that some colds trigger my anxiety worse than others - this one has given me dry mouth which I've heard is an anxiety symptom I've never had before so I keep questioning if I am anxious or not!

Congratulations on the deadline - even though you were feeling crap you still managed it. I'm not trying to be patronising (when I am bad I consider brushing my teeth an achievement) you've done really well and you're moving forward. I really hope that as you do so you can minimise the effect that anxiety has on your life! :).


Hi mate,

Isolate the items in your daily routine that you are in absolute control of, and anything else is not your problem. In making the list to isolate and identify your responsibilities, you will see the whole thing in greater clarity, which is helpful, plus you will obtain a clearer focus on what you can do instead of what if. Look to try a vitamin, high dose vitamin C or Berocca, plus mucho importante, Iron. Try to remember what you were aiming for when you took the job, and then give it all you have to achieve your objective. Onwards and upwards.


Thanks for the advice, I have put some wheels in motion to sort out the things I have control over. I defiantly think writing it all down would help (I know from my CBT that I should but often ruminate instead). In terms of the vitamins I sometimes find I feel sick when i take too many, but it may be worth experimenting with some different types.

Thanks people, I cannot stress enough how good it is to get support on here!


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