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Why is it when you begin to feel you are getting somewhere with this crap anxiety another little something sneaks in I seem to all of a sudden have anxieties about cooking food and eating in front of my husband WHAT I have been with him 20 years what's going on my other anxieties are gad /social /emetophobia I am on meds so why has this happened to them other anxieties sneaking up help x

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Hi - Even when you are on medication I think that we can still get anxious episodes, the drugs take the edge off it. I know what you mean that each time it comes back in a different form. Its a pain. Have you done CBT?


Hi meadow,

Although i'm not a long term sufferrer (yet, about 3 months of battling an anxiety-ridden first two weeks of a health scare), I really do sympathise with your exasperation of having relentless differring bouts of symptoms and feelings cropping up unwanted! Its a little different for me, having never had any real anxiety before, I seemed able to talk myself out of the initail worry, once i'd had a few tests to rule out any actual physical condition. But (excuse the language...) f*** me the chronic psychological symtoms come one after the other week in, week out, like a reading list of "crap to deal with that doesn't really exist, but feels like it bloody does". I've just come back from two weeks in Turkey, right back to my old self having parachuted off an 8000ft mountain, played around in speedboats and run 4k along the beach every other day, but for some reason i come straight home to a fluttery heat and awful acid reflux that i haven't had since day 1!

Good think is i can laugh it off pretty well now, but what tends to get me riled up the most about this disorder (i did get several diagnosis' of GAD) is the horrible thought that it's gonna now appear, at will, throughout my life, stressed or not!

I don't really help myself by refusing to take any meds which alter mental state, (but happy however, to have something to aid the reflux), so i guess i'm not really doing all I could, but I wasn't reliant on medication before, and won't start now so there!

Anyway, long winded reply over, that kinda only really says, 'yep, I hate it too' !

Good luck in kicking it's ass however you can xx


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