Hi, I have joined Anxiety UK on behalf of my 15 year old daughter, Sophie, who suffers with terrible depression, anxiety and panic. She is attending meetings with Camhs and is on anti depressants and to date, no real improvements have been made. She has not attended school for almost 2 years and although the school are being supportive, I obviously worry what will happen. I am at my wits end. Nothing I do helps and the whole of our family (I have a 16 year old daughter too) is affected by it. Please help.


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  • what meds is she taking perhaps you need to speak to doc if there is no improvement how long has she been taking them x

  • Hi, she is on Fluoextine 20mg one 1 day and has been taking them for 4 months. Thanks for replying

  • Hello Cathyneil,

    you and your daughters have my sympathy. You say she's been to CAMHS for meetings... how specifically has she has meetings? Meetings as in groups, or 1 on 1 with a specialist?


  • i am not a meds person but take her back to doc and dont be afraid to be assertive ask why there is no improvement are they the right meds for her can she have more counciling throw the book at them she needs a lot of help and deserves to be treated you are doing your best and they need to help you god bless x

  • Hi and thanks for caring. Been with camhs for about a year. Although i can count on one hand the appointments she has kept. Its one on one but camhs say how positive meetings are but my daughter says they are crap. Its 3am sunday morning and yes i am still awake. Xx

  • Dr says its in hands of camhs to review medication

    . Husband non supportive and says she needs up the arse. He hasnt a clue xx

  • Hi

    I feel really sorry for you daughter.I was 15 when I started having problems so I can relate to your I m 32 and things are different in terms of asking for help.first of all you should go back to docs and ask to change drugs cause obviously if there s not improvement this drug is not right for her and second need psychological support not just for your daughter but for the rest of the family too cause I know how badly this can affect the rest of you all.husband in denial should come along to family therapy and maybe he would dad never had a clue either but my mum carried on with me to get me better.hope your daughter will get better soon,she s soooo young.hugs to both of you.

  • It sounds like your daughter could benefit from some form of psychodynamic intervention.The antidepressant used has an effect on panic as well as mood if it has not worked for four months may be time for a review which from your message the CAMHS are looking at Perhaps you could look at some mindfulness as well I wish you both well and contact me if you want any further support

  • Thank you for your reply. We have a meeting tomorrow with Camhs so will find out more. Thanks, you are very kind. x

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