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yesterday ... i had to go school and give gifts to my teachers which i texted them to let them kno that i will be coming at 1 however one of thr teacher daid i can come at ten moring because whole class goin to be there. i started getin worried however i decided i will go but in moring i decided not to go because i was scared that others r going to be there and they will stare at me etc. so i went at 1. when i went to give gifts i had this horrible feeling in my chest and throut. i was soo scared of being centre of attention ad the teachers were givin me attention. similarly the class organise an trip and i was scared to go because lots of people r coming.. however my friend force me to go . so am going tomorrow for my mate .. am really anxious right now. hope every thing goes good.x

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hi hope everything went ok x


i still need to go ... at 4


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