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Coming off Celexa after 15 years

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I hope this will help those trying to come off this drug.

After taking Celexa for 15 years at the full dosage, I decided to stop taking the drug. Tried cold turkey once and had to go back after a few weeks. The second time I tried coming off the medication slowly, but it was still very hard.

The first couple of weeks were ok, and then out of nowhere, I felt awful.

I felt as if I was walking around with a black cloud over me. I was in a horrible mood or crying for no reason and thought it would be the end of me. I felt like I was becoming sick with aches and pains and had trouble getting out of bed. I would lay in bed for hours feeling awful and not being able to sleep.

I didn't want anyone to know, so it was a very lonely process. People say you lose weight, but I gained weight which only adds to the horrible feeling.

It has been two months and now my days start much better but usually still feel bad at the end of the day when I'm tired.

The other day I woke to feel much better with more energy then I have had in a long time. I was able to get things done much faster and had my first productive day.

It was only for the one day, but it gave me the courage and the hope that things are getting better and I can look forward to more days like that one. I actually feel like I have the energy to return to the gym after many years.

If you are reading this and feeling the same know that things will get better, you will get your old self back again. When you feel at your worst realize that it will get better and not last forever. There is a reason for hope!

It helps me to listen to my favorite music, go to church, watch a funny movie, or just call a friend to take my mind off things.

It is my hope that I will enjoy my first Christmas in years without being medicated!

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I just wanted to say well done to you, what courage and conviction you have. It's not an easy thing to do but you are showing what a strong person you are. Here's to a very bright future. :)

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