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Can Fluoxetine cause your arms to twitch a lot? Mainly in one place on wrist?


I've been put on Fluoxetine 20mg and my left wrist keeps twitching on the outside, making my left hand and little finger move. I also get twitches elsewhere in that arm and in random places on my body. I'll be honest, it's worrying me. So if someone could please confirm if these are 'normal' side effects of that drug I would appreciate it as it's concerning me. Thank you.

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Am not a doctor and no longer take that medication but I had the twitches while I was just beginning on it or maybe a couple weeks when my dose increased. I wasn't able to be still at all. Hope that helps. If you are very worried, call your doc. or the pharmacy.

I twitch regardless of meds, but when I was on Prozac, I noticed the twitching intensified during the startup phase

Thanks folks. How long did it last? I've been on it about 18 days now.

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