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Difficult to take deep breaths


[Disclaimer]: I understand that no one is able to medically diagnose me here, and that is not my intent of this message. I am not able to see a doctor, as I am at job corps, and they do not allow you to leave campus. They have a nurse here, but no doctor is available at the moment, and the nurse said that there is nothing she can do. I simply would like your opinion on the matter.

Long story short, I was breathing just fine about a week ago, and even now I am still breathing fine. But I've noticed that I get winded faster than usual when I'm singing many lyrics, or walking up a hill, etc. Trying to take a deep breath is slightly harder than usual, almost feels as if something is kinda blocking my breath from going too far, and kinda itches with slight pain when I take a really deep breath.

I do not smoke, but I also do not exercise. I worked out from May-August, but I stopped. I wasn't eating much before, but lately I have had many sodas, and much more food. Some of the other students here are also getting sick, sneezing and coughing a lot.

What do you think about this?

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