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Pharmacy changing generic medication manufacturers?


I posted this on another anxiety board here on HU, but I want to get as many perspectives and experiences as possible.

So I've been taking the generic form of Lexapro for the past 4 years. In those 4 years, it's always been a generic escitalopram from the company Cipla. I've done well on those. No side effects other than loss of libido. This past month when I filled my script, I noticed the shape had changed but saw it was still escitalopram and confirmed it with a quick google search, a generic manufacturer called Aurobindo. Never even thought about it causing any issues, but in this past month, I've had more breakthrough anxiety, lots of nausea and vomiting, lots of headaches, etc. I take 10 mg a day and I had some leftover 5 mg tablets from the Cipla company that I began taking instead of the Aurobindo. Within 3 days, I was back to being side effect free. Has anyone else had this problem? Can I request that the pharmacy on fill my script with the Cipla brand of generic or will I have to get my doctor to specify it on a new script? It's so frustrating because I was finally on the most even keel I'd been on in years.

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It is absolutely possible to have side effects from switching manufacturers. Unfortunately, you can't dictate what your pharmacy choses to stock, and a doctor can't specify a manufacturer on a prescription, they can only specify name brand v generic. You can, however, take your prescription for generics to a pharmacy and let them know that you only want it filled if they can fill it with that specific manufacturer version. Isuggest calling Cipla. They will probably be able to direct you to a local pharmacy or mail order pharmacy that stocks their generics 😉

I also take the generic “ecitalopram”. I remember when I just started it there were some wired side effects for a period of a couple of weeks. I’ve always had the same mfgr so I don’t know that much about different brands. My Doc insists that some are not as good as others particularly during the break in period when your just getting used to it sorry this doesn’t help much but you may try a different pharmacy next time as it will most likely be a different mfgr

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