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We Are Strong!

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Yeah you read it absolutely correct. We are strong for we go through so much that other people might not have thought about in the scariest of their dreams. Our everyday struggle with anxiety and depression is in a way an exercise to our brain, making it stronger and stronger each day. I know each one of us have always questioned god at one point or the other - WHY ME? But I think we should be grateful to him that he has chosen us to be part of an example we set for people around us and show them finally that -WE DID IT! Not everyone gets to live such a challenging life as we do. Every person has his own difficulties in life but we should not be so hard on ourselves. The first thing we need to do is - ACCEPTANCE. Accept the way we are. We are unique in our own way. And the best medicine we can have is - HOPE. It's not merely to say but with my own experience I say that hope has magical power. Just experience it. We should give ourself a chance. We all are with each other, right?

With this I pray to God to give all of us strength to fight and carve a beautiful future for ourselves.

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