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Life of this agoraphobe

I was not always agoraphobic, it wasn’t until my 40th birthday when things went down hill,before then I was a happy go lucky person.

Then I was raped on the night of my 40th birthday.

From then my life turned dramatically i became a recluse and eventually never left my house. I own 2 businesses before this all happened to me, I still own them, I run them from home now and hand off the day to day running to a managers I employ.

My days mostly consist of trying to find a reason to wake up in the morning then when I do finally do get up, I turn computer on do some paperwork for the business then I stare at the walls and cry a lot.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about selling up and just retiring. I’m nearly 50 now single and don’t need the money anymore.

Anxiety and depression has cut me down and I am really struggling most days to come up with a reason to “be” at all.

I hold no anger towards the man who wronged me 9 years ago, he is in jail for long time.

Justice has been done there.

It really so hard to exist on this earth,such a soulless place.

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Oh, Jenny!!! I'm so, so sorry! Have you ever had any trauma counselling at all? Do you have support from family? We are a similar age and I suffer with PTSD, so can relate. Please message me if you'd like to. xxxx


I am so sorry that happened to you i do want to encourage you on feeling better about yourself dont give up hope. As the previous person suggested i would too for counselling and support from family n friends and in the forum i consider family as well so dont feel alone.


Can you afford in house counselling...


May I add my voice to those who say that I think counselling could be very helpful indeed to your situation and if you can afford it go private so as you don't have to wait. You've half a life left, you have the right to enjoy it like most other people do, being tied to your home must prevent you from developing the friendships that enrich people's lives, your life could be so much better and has so much to offer you. I wish you all the very best which is what you deserve. In a way you are sharing the custodial sentence of the person who offended against you, I will not call him a man, and that is not the way it should be.

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I have had counselling and doing hypnotherapy which is going well,quite calming and relaxing. I am making slow progress. Thanks for the support.

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