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Fluid in head

I have so much pressure in my head it feels like a half glass of water upside down in the back of my head around the crown area when I turn my head it moves to the opposite side, if I press my forehead it feels like my heads going to implied it’s that and my heart that are top of the list as the symptoms feel life threatening, I mean it could be as the doctor hasn’t confirmed anything yet but idk what to do, doing nothing isn’t helping..

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Hi MrEBingham, That use to be one of my main problems short of the heart palps as well. Of course it is always best to see a doctor before assuming it's caused by anxiety. However, with myself, it was from extreme anxiety and tenseness. I developed spasms and trigger points in the upper shoulders and base of my neck. This caused the lymphatic fluid not to be able to freely flow causing that fluid feeling in my head. My Rheumatologist ordered physical therapy for me which helped immensely in relieving the fluid feeling as well as teaching me how to relieve the pressure at home. Acupressure was use in relieving the spasms and causing the fluids to drain from the head.

When in bed, taking your 4 fingers and placing them on the outside of your cervical spine of your neck and hold for a few moments will relieve some of those spasms. You will literally be able to feel and sometimes hear the crackling of the fluids releasing. Using those same 4 finger placement on the lower crown of your head while you are relaxing your head on those fingers, will also give you relief. Hot towels to reduce tenseness also helps while listening to meditation and relaxation videos on YouTube. Deep Breathing your way to calm and peace.

I hope this helps explain what you are feeling and not make you feel so alone. x


Again many thanks for the post it helps, going to try this! x

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