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Just to say hi

Just wanted to post a quick note on here. It’s probably been 3-4 months since I have been on this forum or any site in fact.

It is a consequence of feeling like I had or have turned a corner and making some personal progress. It is so tricky, I mean you work so hard everyday to make the little improvements and sometimes it feels like you’ve gone a few steps and other times like you’ve gone backwards.

One thing I am so grateful of is the daily headaches have gone!! If there is anyone reading this who is suffering with chronic daily headaches or pins and needles and stuff like that.. I am here to say it doesn’t last forever! It can take ages, I mean I had it every day for a year but it went and has been gone now for 4 months.

What doesn’t go so easily is the self dislike and low points! If anyone has any magic formula for that pass some my way.

Take care everyone

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Great to hear this my friend. Couldnt of said it better myself, and you are so right about the pins and needles. I had them constantly all over my body, in and out of the hospital thinking something seriously was wrong and they just couldnt find it, now I dont get it nearly as often at all as I did only when my posture here at work is bad etc.


Great to read that your headaches are gone...well done, you.

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Glad to hear you're doing well!! My migraines went away with acupuncture but the months since I stopped have been awful.


Great news on your progress, Matt! It will all come to you in the end - you're doing great. And yay for the headaches going away - this was another of my biggies too. Claire Weeke's touches on these in her book, so the fact that yours have gone shows that you've shed one helluva lot of tension already. Well done!☺

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