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Anxiety and IBS D

Does anyone else suffer with severe IBS D and nausea along with anxiety? Do you find that you have worse symptoms when tired? I had CBT a while back which helped a bit but there's so many stresses going on in my life Right now that my symptoms are back worse than ever 😞 Does anyone have any recommendations on what might help? What do you find helps you calm down when at your most anxious? My worrying is out of control right now! Thanks for reading my post. Any replies would be hugely appreciated!

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Hi. Sorry you are going through this. It can be pretty awful. I use to have flare ups that were directly related to how much stress I had at the time or even just a stressful event.

I felt ginger root tablets helped with the nausea and an Imodium at night before bed helped somewhat. I just tried to take my mind of what was causing me anxiety and threw myself into hobbies or activities that would take my mind off stuff. Lots of reading and relaxing. I tried meditation and yoga, but don’t know how much it helped the IBS. It did help with the anxiety aspect of my life, so I’m turn I guess it helped the IBS. Peppermint oil or pills helped with some of the stomach issues.

I will say, when I got on Sertraline for my anxiety and it started working

About 6 months ago, I haven’t had a single flare up or IBS problem at all.

I hope you find something that works. You can try the natural route. You can always talk to your doctor about any of the new IBS drugs put there. I hear there are some really good ones hat work and don’t really have bad side effects.


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