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A little worried

Hi there everyone :)

PenguinTaz, new to this community. Nice to meet you all!

I am not diagnosed with any mental illness but often wondered if I may have anxiety or anxious tendencies..

I recently had some tests on my chest to see what could be causing chest pain, they did find some liquid in my lungs (not serious) but I also have concern for my fast heart rate.

Even before my various medical conditions I have been a bit of an over- worrier, tonight I felt pressure on both sides of my neck which was relived slightly by taking slow breaths. A sign of anxiety.

I will mention to my doctor, I would like to make sure it's not a heart condition first- does run in my family.

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Hi and welcome! It does sound like anxiety but just for peace of mind, get a check up and tell them all your feelings even the worry part , prayers all is well keep in touch😊

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Thank you for your kind words :)

I hope all is good for you X


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