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Still. Having tenderness from bump

Its been four days since I bumped my scalp on Thursday aganst the table in the lab at school

I have a bit of neck pain

No passing out

No vomiting

A bit of balance issues but I'm not sure

No vision issues

Felt dazed a bit when doing dishes after that I went upstaires and the feeling went away

Head hurt when I put pressure with the compress

What should I do ?

I can remember everything that's happened..

I have told my mother of this :)

Will I get better ?

Hope everyone has a good day

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Hi Daniellesparkles, So sorry about you getting hurt at school on Thursday. Did you see the school nurse? Did she put a cold pk on at the time? Since it's been 4 days now, I truly think you will be okay. You jarred your neck as you hit your head, a reflex action. Warm towels on the back of your neck will help relax the muscles. Nothing else needs to be done now except waiting for it to heal on it's own. That's one fascinating thing about our bodies and that is, it repairs itself. Your head bump may feel a little sensitive for a few more days but then you will hardly know anything happened. Have a good week in school. We are always here :) xx


Thank you agora, glad that your back and hopefully doing better? I hope you had a very happy birthday

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