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Why do i feel like im so tired of All the time? Even though i didnt do anything yet.... like i'm going shut down any time?

It started when i was in 10th grade, i dont really know why? But there's something wrong/change in me like;

Having a Sweaty palms and feet, thirsty a lot of time, sometimes im spacing out, cant concentrate onto the topic, hard to memorize a simple details,it's kinda weird you know, my muscles is not working properly feels like gonna shut down any time and sometimes my head hurts like theres something squizing it and when im going to sleep my brain wont relax a bit.

And it scares me... please. Need some advice guys... coz i havent go to a doctor yet . And my mom dont know anything about it, yet. And

I dont want to freak her out.

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Sounds exactly like how I feel I have severe anxiety and panic disorder the sweaty hands and feet is typical anxiety along with the rest you need to talk with your mom though it will make you feel so much better knowing your not alone and she can help you get started on meds asap... good luck hun keep us updated! 😊

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I think you should tell her it's always good to go to the doctor for a check up. I habe been dealing with fatigue o and off since I was 23 after having my first kid. I am now 34 and I'm still dealing with it. I'm going through it now and today has been a hard day for me. I have been having hot flashes all day and weakness. I keep going to the doctor to complain he runs tests and says I'm fine and can't think of anything that can be making me feel crappy. But maybe change my diet and I did and I still feel like 💩. I do have slight level of hypothyroidism so I could be getting symptoms from there, but I know it's more it's either my anxiety or I suffer from chronic fatigue. It's not easy feeling bad all the time.these symptoms scare you aND that is when the pain kicks in. I advice you to speak to your mom tell her how you feel and schedule a doctors appointment


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