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Struggling with panic attacks

Hi. Im new to this forum page. I am really struggling being out and about at the mo. Ive had anxiety and depression for years prob since i wasa child, i am 42 this year. I had been improving being out and about but after some treatment for another condition, my anxiety has got worse and worse. I keep crying in public and feel very nauseous and dizzy. Any advice xx

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Hi. Welcome. I'm sure we can relate. I used to cry at any given time. You're not alone. My advice is to let it all out. If you feel you need to cry, then cry and hopefully you'll feel a little relief from it. Best of luck!


Thanks so much for your reply Peacewithin1. It's an awful feeling and it spirals. People just look at you. Trying really hard. Thanks again for your time x

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Nausea and dizziness are of course classic symptoms of anxiety disorder. (A tea made from thinly sliced ginger root may help with the nausea). Your anxiety and depression have been going on for far too long. You could take the meds route which will give you a period of respite but that's not recovery. Also talking therapy proves helpful for many. So why not see your doctor and ask for some medication. And if you've tried that before and it didn't help then try another med and then another until you find one that does work.

But you should also take control of your own recovery and read a good self help book or two. 'Self help for your nerves' by Claire Weekes has proved very helpful to many people who claim it has led to recovery. It was written years ago but is still a popular seller on Amazon with hundreds of very good reader reviews. If you've read it before then read it again or one of her subsequent books.

So take control, Leese, you've half a life left, maybe more, so investigate all these, don't just drift and feel sorry for yourself. You can recover and with determination and persistance you will recover. If you learn to stop generating constant fear that keeps your nervous system in a state of over sensitisation they will recover and you will feel the bad feelings no more.


Thanks Jeff1943 nice to know people understand. Over the years i have had psychotherapy, psychology, c.b.t and i tried d.b.t but i was so ill i had to stop. The therapy was in a group and i can't control the crying. It all spirals. I'm trying to get out and about a bit more and be less hard on myself. Our mental health team are understaffed and constantly changing roles so it's a stressful time. I have some books and a med review coming up. It's nice to know people relate to how feel. Thanks for your reply. Hope you are well.


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