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Hi I have had chronic anxiety since I was 18 I'm now just about to turn 22 is it normal with anxiety to feel so ill every single day even if your not anxious about anything I have tried lots of things to try and help my anxiety and there isn't anything this is just my own opinion but I don't agree with the anxiety/ depression tablets I think that they are only temporary solutions when I was 18 I took medication for six months one day I just felt better again I stopped taking them and then for three months it was fine I was out drinking with my mates then out of no where i got put on my ass with panic attacks, I feel so ill all the time that even if I wanted to get checked over I couldn't because I can't be somewhere for a long time like I really need to go to the dentist and have done for three years but I'm just to scared like should I feel so ill all day everyday with the weirdest symptoms

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Eddy, don't let it scare you. Feeling ill with weird symptoms is "our" war cry, here.

Take a mate with you if you need to get to the dentist, and tell the dentist, you have anxiety and will they help you to overcome your feelings for that appointment.

Use this opportunity to learn more about yourself. If the tablets worked, talk to your doc about taking them again. When you feel better, don't get off this time. You are young and have a lot to learn about yourself, your likes and dislikes and what makes you happy and what your core beliefs are that "make you " feel the way you do sometimes. Best to you........


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