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Health anxiety and exercise

A two edged sword. As a keen exerciser ive been stopped in my tracks for a year now. I had a full blown panic attack in the gym and a my first visit to hospital ( racing heart, breathless, pins n needles). Now i'm desperate to get back into training but whenever i feel my heart rate increase it freaks me out. Has anybody been through this and got any advice? Ive had all the checks and the docs assure me i'm fine although i still get skipped beats.

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I've been through it and am a gym goer. Mine was more breathless than heartbeats but I just took magnesium glycinate before the gym and eased back on things that really pushed me. After a while I was less botherd about getting breathless and just go with it now. It's good to get a fast heartbeat and breathless through exercise. I did suffer a few panic attacks but they pass.


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