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Why do I wake up to an aching body with no particular reasons for doing so? It only happens at random times & isn't constant. As I live in Africa, is it possible I had Malaria & am suffering from residual effects?

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Hi and Sorry ❤️️~ I think that that's a question you'd really require to ask your Medical Practitioner, unless someone on here has personal experience of having had Malaria and has had experience of the same/ similar after-effects. 😟

I hope the random problem eases off for you. ❤️️ Unfortunately, we're not medical practitioners on HU.

Blessed be with love, Barbara xx

You should be able to have a blood test to tell you if you've got an active case of malaria or if you've had it in the past.

I have the same issue of waking up sore sometimes for no reason. I know sometimes I sleep in the same position all night which leaves me stiff and sore and other nights I'm super restless and move around all night which leaves me sore sometimes. I hope you're able to find some answers

Me too. Please let me know if you find out why


You're getting old love, we all get aches and pains on a morning.

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