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This is so weird

So I mentioned I get chest pain but imy noticing im having it more when moving around like walking and it's more like it comes for a few seconds then goes for a few seconds and so on and when I stop it goes?? I've had a heart echo blood tests and loads of ecgs and x rays I'm only 19 and it's so so scary :( I feel like my life's never going to be the same again it makes me depressed

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The heart is very protected by muscles, so you can have muscle spasms in the chest area, which is not unusual. I have costochondritis and that also causes chest pain. Your very young, so it’s very unlikely you have any heart disease and the doctor already said all is fine. Hangout with your friends and try to enjoy life! Take care.


Thankyou so much and it's only sometimes and I can feel myself breaching weird all the time that's probs what it is


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