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Morning everyone,

What a horrible night I’ve had. Couldn’t sleep anxiety was through the roof. Felt like I wasn’t in my body and felt I was floating and just couldn’t switch off. Over thinking it and making me worse think iv had a hour sleep tops. Back at work today after the xmas break. Woke up still feeling like I’m detached from body. Anyone else felt this way?

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Hello! Derealization is sadly a big part of anxiety. It's a side effect I struggle with also especially today. Feel like I'm outside of my own body and things look different it is really scary ! Just the fear making our minds play tricks like this.. hope you're better today x


Thanks for the reply, it is really scary iv had it b4 but not as often I get it now and again. An hour left at work and I have just started to feel better. Hopefully get a decent sleep tonight. Hope your feeling better too and it passes soon x

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