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I yawn and i get a feel of another yawn coming

Hi guys this is my second post here on @HealthUnlocked and I need a quick answer. I went to the doctor this morning concerned about my excessive yawning, he pulled blood and checked everything and said everything is fine just that I have mean ol' anxiety that I've had since May of 2017. He said it's probably just the anxiety and nothing more but I feel like there's something he's missing. Any answers would be nice thanks!

-Yours truly

Vidal Sanchez

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Hi vVTOXICVv, yawning isn't only a sign that we are sleepy but in an anxious person it's the body's way of making us relax our chest and rib cage muscles. Anxiety tends to make us hyperventilate which gives the feeling that we don't have enough air in our lungs When we yawn, the lungs fill with air, relaxes our body and fulfills that need. It's a good thing. Your doctor was right.


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