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Flu Anxiety Update

(Read last post for some background) I am panicking like crazy right now! Firstly, as I'm writing this post- my most worrisome issue is that my eyes keep going out of focus. I'm trying to type this and my eyes keep unfocusing and going blurry. I have also been very dizzy all day to the point of losing my balance. It is -30 degrees celcius outside and I was out earlier. Now that I'm home, my feet are like icicles and wont warm up. I have two pairs of socks on and they're still ice cold. I also feel depersonalized and as if I'm in a dream/foggy. My head feels really weird. I'm afraid that I am having a stroke and/or dying. I am 19 years old with no health conditions other than occasional migraines. I have a cold or flu right now and am extremely congested. Yesterday was just my throat, but today my nose is very congested. I feel like I can't breathe. I'm so scared.

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aw I’m sorry to hear that! It’s okay it’s possibly your cold? And anxiety mixed together we’re gonna be okay I also have a worrying issue from my cold

After sneezing yesterday I got a small but sharp headache it comes and goes and it scares me my mom also wrote of my pain as anxiety issues

So I know exactly how you feel please try to take a deep breath your going to be okay :)

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