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Merry Christmas to me

I had planned on completely ignoring Christmas, due to my depression, but my anxiety lead to two panic attacks that morning. I postponed the celebratory gift wrapping and opening until today. Was going to do so yesterday, but had such a bad day due to the panic attack I had in my boss' office, that I just wanted to curl up and distract myself with comedy routines on YouTube. Still wound up from the one attack I experienced yesterday, so it took two whole Xanax to calm me down enough to enjoy the morning. Now, I am completely emotionally and physically exhausted, and my negative, intrusive, obsessive thoughts are still lingering. I hope the Prozac kicks in some point soon.

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Hi StressBasket,

Thanks for the blog. Not many people take the time to think about how much your time, health and sanity is worth at Christmas time. Taking all the time you need at your pace is excellent advice.

I am going to print out an excellent article on the subject of reducing Christmas stress to use next year. :) You can find it in the link below



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