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Constant loop

Hey...my name is DragonWithin, I saw a post here with such a supportive community and well I feel selfish but I hope I can get some help too

I have no idea whats wrong with me, I can be ok and have such a good time and then I get all anxious which stresses me out a lot. I want to say I have depression and anxiety but I always can't be sure as I never got it diagnosed. I did one time and was only told it was a pragmatic languahe problem? Which didnt really answer my question. Maybe I am being whiny. But I tried doing work today and failed and only end up getting a printer stuck. Yesterday I scratched my car cause I suck at parking cars apparently.

I also have an assignment due on the 15th of November but I can't pull myself together. I have to read a lot of journals and analyse them for my research paper. Not to mention I have a bunch of articles to write on a club and with interviews after the research paper. Later on, I also have chat sticker creations due. Suddenly when I thought about work, I feel overwhelmed and disconnected. Like I given up and couldn't even care less. I feel so sick of everything eventhough, I have been through stuff like this before. Although its all a lie and feel like dying again. I dont even know who to talk to or the people I talk to. Only makes me feel more lost amd miserable.

I just want this to be over even if it means death eventhough I am scared of death myself...

I feel like theres so much going on and all this sounds petty...

But anyway, I appreciate anyone who reads this. Thank you

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Hi DragonWithin, I’m new here (just found this board yesterday) and saw your post. If you’re still reading this, wanted to let you know I can definitely relate. Hope things have gotten a bit better for you since then. Thanks much for sharing your experience.


Pragmatic language is using language socially... such as when having a conversation, taking adequate turns, using and understanding gestures and body cues (such as knowing when to stop elaborating when the other person is looking around bored), and understanding questions. It’s what makes a conversation run smoothly. Do you get anxiety during conversations? Was this an evaluation given to you in school?


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