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Had a bad day yesterday 😣

Took my son for breakfast yesterday.. on the way home while driving on the interstate.. My ear suddenly felt like they were on fire. They hurt and they were so hot. I literally felt like I was passing out.. My head started going down. So I pulled my car over and say there for a moment. I still felt pretty weird but I drove on to my exit and went home to lay down. Now today my ears hurt.. like both of them at my eardrums.

I thought I was supposed to have a doctor's appointment yesteday...but it's next Thursday.

Do y'll think this is a anxiety symptom.... some sort of weird withdrawal symptom.... or maybe something is up? Thanks in advance

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Yes my ears burn and my face does too. I then panic and feel faint. It's anxiety for sure.


Thank you. Guess that's just a new one for me


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