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I feel like people are so concerned about looks and perfection that ot really bothers me. Especially when i have something worse off than them. It makes me feel terrible, i just wish people didn't care about looks like they do today. I don't wear makeup because why should i? Besides i have a baby face, and plan to keep it that way, i don't want to ruin my face just to put on some makeup. I'm just tired of girls losing their shit over looks. Does it matter?

Sorry for posting so much, just have so much on my mind.

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Its good to vent and have listeners

media is used to program the minds of society these days.. we have more and more mixed signals going out through TV video games books magazines the way society gets manipulated is terrible..

Make up is important these days because people see "beauty" at hollywood and want to be like them but the truth is they are hiding their natural BEAUTY and its pathetic..

People are stopping eating because they want to be as skinny as the models on the red carpet or to fit in a specific dress.. dont even get me started on certain topics ill go on and on about it lol

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Isn't it stupid?

Humans are humans at the end of the day. And hey, people can do whatever they want with their bodies. Just don't push your crap onto me saying "i should do this" when i don't have to if i don't want to.

xD people are just so weird nowadays. So fake.

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Well the other thigg tou can do is make it not bother you by shrugging it off say to them fuck off or say nah im good you do you though and snile kill em with kindness it pisses everyone off thats mad haha

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Smiling always does the trick. I could also ask them questions like-

"Why do you need to feel pretty by covering your face up?"


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