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Hi, recently I don’t feel anxiety wise I’ve been too bad ..but my mood has hit an all time low .. to the point I didn’t even go away at the weekend with friends.. I’m struggling to find any joy in things and questioning,again what’s it all about!! Working full time and looking after family..

I know what’s contributing to these negative feelings.. my grandma is currently bedridden in a nursing home .. the sights and sounds I’ve seen have played havoc with my emotions ( even though I worked in care myself) nothing prepares you for your own loved ones .. my selfish problem is I’m on a self destruction mode about my own mortality...I cannot lift this dark blanket of why life can be so cruel.. I so so want to be happy again without these morbid thoughts! Thanks for reading, sorry !

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Don’t be hard on yourself. Sounds like you have a lot going on in your life and you are doing the auto pilot that many of us do. Trying to get through each day. I reckon you don’t have any time to yourself? Perhaps you think you should be at the bottom of the list to treat yourself? Well you shouldn’t. If you’re not feeling the love then how can you be expected to carry on. I know it’s like being in a black hole but it will lift and the blue sky is out there. Meditation and a treat for you even if it’s 15 mins on your own works wonders.

Hope you get through this x

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You will be receiving many replies to your situation. I am just going to ask you not to post using a word like "Ending" as makes me think you are considering suicide, ok?


Didn’t realise there were rules! It is the ‘ending’ of an era for me ..and how I express myself..when I’m feeling this way ..is my right ! Please don’t make my situation worse by being negative it hasn’t helped!!


You appeared to being negative, I was afraid you meant your life ending. Meant no harm, just the opposite, in fact. Hope today was a better one than yesterday.


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